Rune for Linux?

November 10th, 1999 by Marv

Unrealism made mention of a post that Mike Wreckle from HumanHead wrote concerning porting Rune to alternative OS’s:

We haven’t really determined yet what our ports will be. That is something we are still discussing with our publisher and with Epic. We would love to do both a Mac port and a Linux port, but it all comes down to the market, how much time, effort and money have to be spent on doing the conversions, and if we can at least break even on the effort. With that said, we would be interested in hearing from serious parties who want to do either a Mac or Linux port for Rune. The UT code is already being ported, but there is significant work that would have to be done to perform our conversions to these technologies.

There is the possibility that female characters could be made available for deathmatch. I’ll make no promises, but this is something that I would like to see, if not in the boxed version, then released for download at a later date…

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