Quake Live Beta

February 14th, 2009 by eyerouge

The Quake Live Beta has begun. The game plays as expected: Within a matter of minutes one can have it up and running in Firefox. It supports plenty of maps, 4 game modes and most of what can be expected in the classic Quake series.

Currently it only works on Microsoft Windows (FF & IE) but according to the login info work is in progress for Linux and Mac support.

6 Responses to “Quake Live Beta”

  1. Says:

    woohoo, can’t wait :>

  2. M1AU Says:

    Good news.
    Love to play good old Q3 in a browser.

  3. vadi4 Says:


  4. cyberbillp Says:

    And the point of running in a browser is?

  5. M1AU Says:

    Nothing, it’s all about playing old style Q3 in a new fashion.

  6. Conzar Says:

    The point is to collect $$$ from advertisement on the web site. Carmack said it himself, the Q3 tech is so “lightweight” that most pc’s can run it while having im windows open and having a browser up. He is saying that you can always be exposed to those Ads at all times.

    The problem is that one only has to use Greasemonkey to see that people can get out of their browser based ads.

    They have put alot of effort into keeping track of stats and website stuff. I’m just waiting for some open source modders to take that concept and to apply it to Quake 3 which will effectively negate QuakeLive.

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