Tribal Trouble 2 Beta 0.6

February 13th, 2009 by oddlabs

A new update for Tribal Trouble 2 has been released:

Once again Oddlabs has released more updates for Tribal Trouble 2 beta. Among these updates is the new quest, Southern Vegetables, that continues the story of your abducted friend Sigurd the Sponge, where you travel to the tropics and meet the native Africans. The shop has been expanded with new upgrades that will increase the number of peasants at the start of each game and make it possible to raise the ceiling on the total number of units and resources. Chat is no longer limited to the chat rooms, but is now possible in the game by pressing the enter key.

  • New quest: Southern Vegetables
  • In-game chat
  • Three new products: Larger quarters, larger armories and extra peasants
  • Boot Camp, Oyster Invasion and Rotten Eggs made easier for beginners
  • Warriors returning to an armory will now attack enemies on the way
  • Bug fix: Website failed to load occasionally in Safari and Firefox in Mac OS X
  • Bug fix: AI tried to train a Lur Blaster without a quarters building

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