Savage XR Trailer

February 2nd, 2009 by vadi4

Thanks to vadi4 for letting us know that has announced a  Savage 1 XR Public Beta:

Everyone will be able to play with Savage XR on 13th of February, 2009. The Beta will allow you to download the XR Client Installer for both Windows and Linux with all it’s new features.
After the beta period is over, using the automatic update system, the Beta client Installer will be updated and release as XR V1.0 after which we plan to release the server package.

Its been a long time in the making and all the staff at hope you will enjoy the new additions to Savage: The Battle For Newerth and to give you a feel for the game, we have created a feature length trailer (High-Resolution / Low-Resolution).

XR is a fan-developed enhancement project for the original Savage: The Battle for Newerth.

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