Open-Source Installer Press Release

October 11th, 1999 by Marv

Loki Entertainment has issued a press release concerning the newly open source installer, Setup:

TUSTIN, CA — October 11, 1999 — Loki Entertainment Software, the premier company bringing best-selling PC and Macintosh games to the Linux? environment, today releases their fourth Open-Source project, the Loki Game Installer [Setup 1.0].

Setup 1.0 is an graphic installer utitilty with which a developer can create a simple, easy-to-use standardized install routine. It uses an XML description file to describe a package, and provides both a console and a GTk front-end to install it. The install process even creates an uninstall script in the install directory which can be run when the user wants to uninstall the product. Loki has included x86, PPC, Alpha, and Sparc binaries for this version of the installer.

Loki developed Setup 1.0 in the course of porting Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition? by PopTop Software and Gathering of Developers. While Loki is contractually bound to protect the publisher¹s original game code, Loki shares any improvements to the underlying Linux software code with the Open Source community.

“One of the things we frequently hear is that people would like a simpler way to install applications on their Linux-based systems. We originally developed our GUI installer in the course of porting Civilization: Call to Power by Activision, and have since modified and enhanced it. We¹re now very pleased to release back to the community the results of our efforts. Setup 1.0 is a full-featured, graphical installer for games and other consumer applications,” said Sam Lantinga, lead programmer at Loki and the co-author of Setup 1.0.

Loki¹s other Open Source projects include the SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG) and the SDL Motion JPEG Library (SMJPEG), and Fenris, Loki¹s bug system based on Bugzilla from the Mozilla codebase.

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