Porting Caster to Linux

January 20th, 2009 by vadi4

Caster The Game is looking for someone to help port the game to Linux and setting up a cross-distro distribution method and provide support for the game. ‘Porting’ the game will be relatively easy – the game was originally developed on Linux, and then ported to Windows and Mac. The developer(s) just don’t have enough time to setup and support the Linux distribution, so they’re willing to let someone help them with that. On the distribution side, support should be available for the mainstream distributions (OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora) and any that the developer would be familiar with. A human-friendly method of installing and updating the game is preferred – so .debs and .rpms, or a graphical MojoSetup installer would do, but a text-based shell script wouldn’t. A portion of the game’s Linux sales will go to the maintainer – so if you’re seriously interested, please drop a line.

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  1. daturan Says:

    the caster vids looked really cool. it would be great if someone could pick this up

  2. Svartalf_ Says:

    Heh… Already in progress and discussions with him as I type this.

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