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January 22nd, 2009 by vadi4

As mentioned previously, ModDB is having their annual awards for mods and indie games; consequently, a reader sent in this reminder:

Seeing as Savage 2 is the only one playable natively on Linux (it has a native 64-bit build even) right now, one might as well support the game :)

Click on ‘Indie Games’ under the top 100 released indie games of the year, and then scroll down to click the ‘Vote’ button. It’s best if you register an account to vote with – guest voting is only allowed once per 3 hours.

Edit: Thanks to calimer for pointing out that Platinum Arts Sandbox has also been nominated – sorry about the oversight!

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  1. yossarianuk Says:


    Lemmingball Z also has a Linux version !

    It looks pretty good !

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