Tribal Trouble 2 beta now at version 0.4

January 21st, 2009 by oddlabs

Oddlabs has updated Tribal Trouble 2 beta with new features and fixes. This release includes an extension to the bank that allows players to trade oddies and points with each other, making it possible to put in an extra effort to get all game elements for free. The Domain of the Octopus island has been changed to be more fair, and a new option has been added to all multiplayer islands that allows empty spots to be filled by computer players so it is easier to quickly start a match.
Whats new:

  • Bank trading: Use points to buy oddies from other players.
  • Multiplayer with the computer: Fill empty spots on the island with computer players.
  • Domain of the Octopus fix: Red tribe is farther from the center and the center can no longer hold a base.
  • Bug fix: Players that quit before other players start up will no longer make others wait forever.

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