Civilization: CTP Beta Screenshots

March 20th, 1999 by Crusader

After a few hours of playing the beta Linux port of Civilization: Call to Power, my initial impressions are listed below:

-After installing the most recent patch, the beta appears rock-solid (i.e. no crashes or show-stopping bugs after 4 hours or so of play).
-Fog-of-war in Civ… I’m of the opinion that warriors from the 7th-century BC should not have an omniscient view of all explored territory… in other words, this is a welcome tactical change for me.
-Looking through the Great Library (which is now the game encyclopedia as opposed to a Wonder of the World), CTP offers some radical unit, tech, and wonder changes from the previous Civ titles (slavery, future technologies such as plutonium-consuming nanites, and non-Western wonders like the Forbidden City) that effectively destroy all my time-tested FreeCiv strategies :)
-The unit animations/sounds are amusing (shades of Warcraft’s venerable orcs); i.e. the phalanx unit declaring “shields up!” before entering battle.

A more extensive and complete preview will be posted at some point next week. I’ve also taken the liberty of posting some screenshots from the beta so you can get a better idea of what to expect when the final version is released:

1) Standard map view
2) Opening menu screen
3) Race selection screen (note: the number of races has been vastly increased compared to Civ 1 and 2)
4) Research dialog
5) Civilization status dialog
6) Technology listing in the Great Library
7) Units listing in the Great Library

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