Why you [game maker] should support Mac OS X and Linux

December 31st, 2008 by vadi4

One of our most sharp-eyed readers, vadi4, sent in the following:

Interesting article by Jeff of Wolfire games about supporting Macs and Linux. Includes a very nice cake.

Wolfire developed the third-person action title Lugaru for Linux; the blog entry mentions that the Linux port generated additional interest in the game, and that Linux users made up 5% of their sales (which is pretty much unchanged from the Quake III sales over 10 years ago if I recall correctly). Wolfire’s next game is a sequel to Lugaru, Overgrowth. You can find more info about it on Facebook.

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  1. clump Says:

    I’m an outspoken supporter of Lugaru. I still play it year after year.

  2. clump Says:

    Just noticed they’re giving Lugaru away for free if you visit the Facebook page.

  3. bersl2 Says:

    I distinctly remember having promised myself that I was going to buy Lugaru when I learned about it and that it was being ported to Linux. Maybe I should buy Overgrowth when that game’s ready…

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