ATI Catalyst Display Driver 8.12

December 10th, 2008 by TimeDoctor

AMD has released their monthly Linux ATI Catalyst display driver package for their graphics cards; the requisite release notes delineate the bugfixes in this build.

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5 Responses to “ATI Catalyst Display Driver 8.12”

  1. kccricket Says:

    More than bugfixes there, it would seem:
    – Early support for Ubuntu 8.10
    – Bus and Memory Bandwidth info in the control panel
    – ATI Stream support (GPU as a computational processor)
    – SurroundView support for spanning OpenGL apps across multiple monitors

  2. A08 Says:

    Early support for 8.10? Ubuntu 8.10 came with Catalyst 8.11…
    …and so far it is running fine.

  3. berarma Says:

    kccricket, it seems you’ve missed the “resolved issues” section.

  4. berarma Says:

    Sorry, I misunderstood your comment. You’re right, more than bugfixes.

  5. A08 Says:

    I can’t recommend the Cat 8.12 driver. The Windows and Linux versions show both the same issues in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. You can check out the screenshot in our forum, but it is written in German:

    …I reverted back to 8.11 and everything is back to normal.

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