Jets’n’Guns Gold is Gold with Demo

December 7th, 2008 by Lightkey

The side scrolling shoot ‘em up Jets’n’Guns by Rake in Grass, which Linux Game Publishing agreed to publish just in October, went Gold last tuesday and is expected to be released in two weeks.

To showcase the game, they have also released a demo of Jets’n’Guns today.

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6 Responses to “Jets’n’Guns Gold is Gold with Demo”

  1. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    Today is a great day for Linux gaming. Today we get the Prey full version and we also get a Jets n Guns Demo. I’m going to go poor this December.

  2. vadi4 Says:

    Sorry, wouldn’t be calling it great.

    Ryan still did not make an alpha of Overworth for Linux (alphas are available for windows and mac daily, and supposedly they are relying on icculus for the linux versions), World of Goo still didn’t make their Linux version, along with Multiwinia.

    This sure teaches me not to pre-order.

  3. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    2DBOY is being very quiet and same goes for greenhouse. A status update would be nice.

  4. M1AU Says:

    I agree, a status update about World of Goo and Multiwinia would of course be interesting.
    Am waiting for those two titles for quite a bit.

    Nevertheless, it’s good to see Prey and Jets’n’Guns finally arrived.

  5. kohlykohl Says:

    What is Overworth? I tried searching for it and came up with nothing.

    I too have been waiting patiently for World of Goo. Unfortunately, I have seen some not so patience Linux gamers buy other versions of the game.

    Also, Jets’n’Guns is a great game.

  6. Andre4s Says:

    Is multivinia for linux droped?

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