Prey for Linux Retail Now Available

December 7th, 2008 by TimeDoctor

Ryan “icculus” Gordon updated us with the news that 3D Realms and Human Head‘s portal crawling FPS Prey is now available for Linux users who own any version for Windows:

We have released the retail version of Prey for Linux. You will need our downloadable installer, a valid and unique CD key, and a copy of the game. You can use either the three CD-ROM version, the Collector’s Edition DVD-ROM, or a preinstalled copy of the Windows version, such as you would download from Steam.

There is no boxed version for Linux, but any existing Windows version of the game disc will work.

We have also updated the demo installer with fixes for all reported bugs.

Details and downloads are here.

Prey 12/07 Demo: [ Atomic Gamer | ]

Prey 12/07 Retail Installer: [ Atomic Gamer | ]

7 Responses to “Prey for Linux Retail Now Available”

  1. Slacker Says:

    Installer worked like a charm for me when it asked for the 3 disks. Games plays good too. :)

  2. rafaMEX Says:

    can’t buy the game with steam because it says that is not availiable for my country …. but other games like doom3 and prince of persia are on sale for Mexican IP’s… odd… i would buy from tuxgames since british online stores never had issues selling software to Mexico … but deliver time is huge … last time it took about 2 months for the CD to arrive, surely UK is a lot far then US that happen to be at 3hrs from where I am right now.

  3. ThOR27 Says:

    I’ve bought over fnac Portugal (Download version)… it’s € 5.. I’m from Brasil and I had no problem buying there!


    You can find it, going to, Downloads (top right link), Acção, it’s there on the fifth page… you can’t find on the search engine I don’t know why…

  4. ThOR27 Says:

    I forget to metion, that before clicking in Acção, you must click first on Jogos on the left menu.

  5. rafaMEX Says:

    I clicked in the wrong button and days later a brazilian chick came to my house and claims to be my wife!!!! haha J/K… illl try that place later, thnks for the tip :)

  6. ThOR27 Says:

    Damn.. the CD-KEY I got there is 20 chars long, while the ingame cd key to type is only 18… it doesn’t work this cd key.. :(

  7. ThOR27 Says:

    Oh.. I fixed… It should have an edit option here… sorry for the spamming :(

    Install the game under wine
    Open the game the first time and activate it
    and then copy the file from .wine/drive_c/where/the/game/was/installed/base/preykey to ~/.prey/base/

    Know you can play ;)

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