LordsAWar! 0.1.4

December 17th, 2008 by benasselstine

LordsAWar version 0.1.4, a clone of the turn-based strategy game Warlords II, has been released with the following changes:

  • added new road, bridge and signpost imagery (by J. W. Bjerk).
  • roads now fade out at their ends, instead of ending abruptly.
  • now connecting bridges with roads on randomly generated maps.
  • now displaying a log of the hero’s activities in the hero information dialog.
  • added bigger explosions for city battles.
  • fixed shortest path algorithm to consider boat loading/unloading movement penalties.
  • fixed crashing bugs wrt quests and dead heroes.
  • fixed bug wrt changing players from human to computer, and vectored units not showing up.
  • fixed bug that caused giant worms to be purchased when pegasi was intended.

Thanks to the contributors who made this release possible by reporting bugs on the bug tracker.

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