Nexuiz: Looking for developers, modelers, artists, YOU

December 4th, 2008 by thedevnull

Nexuiz, an open-source first-person shooter based on the DarkPlaces engine, sent in the following news:

Like FPS games and Open Source? Nexuiz project is looking for developers, modelers, artists, etc!

The Nexuiz project is looking for new contributors to join its growing community. Nexuiz is a fast paced futuristic FPS (First Person Shooter) that redefines cool. The project seeks:

Engine developers
QuakeC developers
Animators/3D player animations
Skin modeler
Concept artist
Others community members

If you want to be involved in a cool Open Source project that RULES, Nexuiz is for you!

You can also check out this forum post for additional info.

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