A Tale in the Desert 4 Open Beta

December 2nd, 2008 by Nemoder

Announced in their latest newsletter is the launch of A Tale in the Desert 4 and their open beta which will begin on December 6th (thanks Nemoder!):

“As always, there are a ton of new things to discover in our next Tale. You’ll notice significant improvements to the user interface and graphics. The mining system is all new: Mining Iron is now very different from mining Copper, Copper is quite different from Gold, or Silver, and so on. Ecology now plays a more prominent role throughout the game. The cooking system, perhaps already the most sophisticated in any online game, has been further refined.

And there are tons of little touches that you’ll notice – a whole new system for the use of character stats, dramatically faster run speeds, and new approaches to many Principles.

And finally the Tests. Seven all-new Tests, designed by our Oracles, and released throughout the Tale. Many of our old favorites will be making a return, often with some new twists. Also, expect additional technologies, surprising events, and whole new challenges.”

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