X3: Reunion is Gold!

November 13th, 2008 by senectus

Linux Game Publishing sent in the following announcements (apologies for the delay in posting it):

At last, X3: Reunion has gone Gold! We expect X3, and X3 Special Edition will begin shipping on the 28th of November.

Today, we have made the decision to do some good with the extremely sought-after #1 copy of X3: Reunion – Special Edition. We have assigned #1 as a special For Charity Auction on Ebay, with the proceeds going to the EFF. We ask all of our customers to consider bidding on this auction and raising money for a great cause.

X3: Reunion is a space combat simulator developed by Egosoft. X2: The Threat was previously ported to Linux by LGP.

7 Responses to “X3: Reunion is Gold!”

  1. Andre4s Says:

    Good work!

  2. eNTi Says:

    i still don’t think it’s really a good business model, taking an AGE old game and rereleasing it even more expensive than the original for windows. this doesn’t make sense. not to mention the extremely long time it took them to announce the port and finally finish it. i think it took them longer than it took to program the original title.

    so while i’m all for ports and buying them at a reasonable price and time frame, i won’t buy a game years later. if they want to prep up linux as a gaming platform, they’ll have to release a game multi-platform and thus work with the devs while they develop the actual game. i don’t see another way.

    maybe i’ll make an exception for this title, since i didn’t get to play it on windows, but i doubt it… there was a reason i didn’t get it for windows in the first place: X².

  3. Andre4s Says:

    The best thing would be as you say. Release the Linux version at the same time or with a short delay from the Windows version. To do that they need to have people working side by side with the developers the make the game. Is that easy? No. I don’t think LGP have the right connections or budget to do something like that.
    Maybe they should concentrate on games they know the engine already exists for Linux. To make the porting process a bit shorter. id Tech X based games for example. Have to be a lot of games that use that engine.

  4. Free Software Links Says:

    Although I kind of agree it depends on what you are playing the game for. Surely it should be to play the game on it’s merits and not that it’s a little older? It’s not that old and does look good. At least you will be able to play it unlike, *grumble*, UT3.

    I have been a fan of the X series since the start and am glad I can finally play this one and will be purchasing it.

    I would like to know if there is a tech demo like there was with X2.

  5. Andre4s Says:

    Yes I will get it as well I think. But I’m not sure if I have the hardware to make it fun.

  6. ThoreauHD Says:

    The game may be old, but it looks quite cool. I have no idea what the history of the game is, but since that apparently doesn’t matter when vetting president’s, I’m sure it doesn’t matter when vetting games.

  7. tjwhaynes Says:

    I’ve been playing this on Ubuntu 8.04 GeForce 6800GT256Mb VRAM AMD64 3400+ 1Gb RAM and it’s pretty speedy unless things get massively hectic. Looks GORGEOUS too – the first time I flew close to some of the massive factor ships, my jaw was around ground level.

    The graphics tech here is a world away from even the best bumped-mapped high-res reworking of OpenFS2 – this is a huge universe game. Not many games allow you to build your empire of capital ships like the X series.

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