SingSong Karaoke

October 21st, 2008 by nates

The developers of SingSong Karaoke let us know about their Java-based title:

Karaoke while the game scores you by measuring your voice against the original artist. SingSong allows you to karaoke with any song you want to sing by giving you the tools to support new songs. Battle against friends to finally settle who is the best singer! Any number of players can sing at the same time

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  1. Protektor Says:

    There are already like 3 open source versions of programs like this. They are the UltraStar family of programs. They are all just basically clones of the console game SingStar which is out on the PS2 and PS3

    UltraStar Deluxe
    UltraStar ES
    UltraStar NG

    The UltraStar NG is in C and specifically for Linux but any of the Kylix/Delphi should compile for Linux as well. This version also detects 2 tones, so you could sing a duet in theory I would guess, but they are supposedly still perfecting that part. Plus the community already has tons of lyric files with pitch already set up, so you can find just about any song you can imagine and since its Open Source it’s free, which is the best part. This also makes a great party game as well.

  2. nates Says:

    Yes, the UltraStar games are the open source alternative to SingSong. There are some key differences:

    * The UltraStar games are open source and free, SingSong is not (it is free to try).
    * SingSong has pitch data for 300+ songs, Ultrastar has pitch data for 1000+ songs on various community websites.
    * SingSong has powerful tools to analyze and create pitch data for songs. Very few Ultrastar lyrics files are even half as accurate.
    * SingSong uses more advanced signal processing to achieve more accurate note detection as you sing.
    * SingSong supports any number of players singing at the same time, and players can sing different lyrics/pitch data.

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