Torque Advanced and Linux

October 21st, 2008 by Slacker

One of our readers, Slacker, pointed out that GarageGames recently had an IRC Hour discussion with the community regarding Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.8:

[2008-10-16 17:27:05] Jake-GR: with 1.8 if someone in the community was brave enough to port to linux, will that be officially included into a later release? or kept as a resource or such?

[2008-10-16 17:28:22] [GG]mattf: if someone ports it *cleanly* to linux then we would consider including it (with a big *not supported* disclaimer)

Slacker added:

This is pretty much in-line with all things regarding Linux & GG in the past couple of years. It’s the first mention of anything about TGEA & Linux since OpenGL has never made it into their newest tech until their recent announcement of Mac support for TGEA.

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  1. chunky Says:

    Part of the reason I quit using torque was because, contrary to what they say, I used to regularly contribute patches on the forums to make their product actually compile on systems they claimed it supported, and I would be ignored.

    Gary (-;

  2. Slacker Says:

    Yes, I too have experienced that & have seen you & other guys go through this regarding patches & what-not. In the end though, they finally did put out 1.5.2 which seems to work well for Linux. New games like Penny Arcade make use of it.

    I would think it will be a long time before someone does come up to the plate to try & put Linux support back into TGEA, but all it takes is one to do it (even if GG does take ages to respond to it). Passing along this info was done with the hopes someone out there has the coding skills to do just that.

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