Jets’n’Guns from LGP

October 13th, 2008 by Alkini

Linux Game Publishing sent this press release regarding Jets’n’Guns from Rake In Grass:

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have finished talks with indie developer RakeInGrass to publish the Linux version of their popular arcade shootemup Jets’n’Guns. We will be opening applications for the beta test in the next few days, and all going well, expect a release within a matter of weeks!

3 Responses to “Jets’n’Guns from LGP”

  1. Andre4s Says:

    Always nice with new games.

  2. Thunor Says:

    Looks nice ->

  3. Andre4s Says:

    Yes it does. I did place an order. Looks like something that can suite me just fine. Instant action.

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