T-Mobile G1, Mainstream Open Game Platform?

September 23rd, 2008 by Crusader

HTC has announced details concerning their G1 smartphone, which uses Google’s Linux-derived Android operating system and will be available in North America and the United Kingdom for use on T-Mobile’s cellular network:

“Increasingly, connectivity does not just mean a phone call, but rather access to the world’s information,” said Andy Rubin, senior director of mobile platforms for Google. “Today’s news signifies an important first step for the Open Handset Alliance: With Android, we’ve opened the mobile Web not only for millions of users, but also to mobilize the developer community that understands the next most important platform in the world rests in the palm of our hand.”

Over the next several years it seems likely that more computer games will targeted at the mobile space, so it’s gratifying to see a high-profile open platform anyone can create titles for. The Android SDK is already available; there’s also a sample game with source code at the Android Developer’s Blog.

It also looks like there will also be at least some games available at launch for the G1, based on this promo video which shows Pac-Man in the phone’s marketplace application.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Those game phones from China are better. They are touch-screen with stylus, dual-screen, analog TV receiver, FM radio receiver, have PS2-style keypad overlay on a QWERTY keypad (better than Sidekick and Blackberry), built-in 512MB storage, standard USB port, a memory slot (can’t remember type) yet all come with a 512MB or 1GB memory stick for the unit, most come with an emulator (mostly NES), and have dual SIM card slots for alternating network pay phone-service: all for USD 80

    I see the only annoyance is 4 to 6 hours of talk-time. I choose PHONES for talking, NOT PLAYING. Stick with a Motorola early C phone.

    On PDA feature, how can anyone else compete? Also, notice how all U.S. phone service doesn’t offer these advanced phones, but for USD 400 average?

    Alpha is gone…13-years…died…I can’t troll anymore ;-(

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