What Are You Playing?

September 23rd, 2008 by Crusader

Well? Answer! The fate of the world depends on it!

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  1. alriddoch Says:

    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
    Rom Check Fail

  2. dholm Says:

    Eschalon: Book I (Demo)
    GTA: Vice City (PS2)

  3. nod51 Says:

    Jack Keane
    Warcraft 3
    Never Winter Nights

  4. kuraisu Says:

    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PSP)
    Manhunt 2 (PSP)
    Divine Divinity (Linux/wine)
    Penumbra: Black Plague (Linux)

  5. TrashyMG Says:

    Linux wise,

    Sad to say, just World of Warcraft with Wine in recent months.

    I have Penny – Arcade episode 1 that I need to finish at some point.
    I love Battle Tanks I got to update it to the newest version.

  6. protomank Says:

    Lego Indiana Jones and Silent Hill Origins on my PS2 and ScummVM+Full Throttle in my eeePC

  7. tjwhaynes Says:

    Been playing Sacred Gold when the beta has been active. Urban Terror and Toribash soak up my time when Sacred is not available.

  8. rafaMEX Says:

    savage, trying to figure it out how to make work unreal 1 working without wine (only UT works :( ), Diablo II with wine.I’ve been unable to make work quake2 too :(

  9. M1AU Says:

    Currently playing: Vendetta Online
    Sometimes playing: Savage 2, ET: Quake Wars, EVE-Online (till my subscription runs out)
    Games played a few weeks ago: Eschalon: Book I, UrbanTerror, Penny Arcade EP1, Penumbra Demos

  10. Nemoder Says:

    Clonk Rage
    Savage 2
    Settlers 3 (runs great in wine)

    Penumbra looks cool, I hope they consider offering a Gold edition with all the games in one.

  11. dabeowulf Says:

    Unreal Tournament 2004 ( UETF Chronicles, D3nnisK’s FORTS2.0 [hooray for logfiles >1GB, Killing Floor 2.5)
    Outlaws via Wine
    Silent Storm via Wine
    Operation Flashpoint MiniCTI via Wine

    rafaMEX: If the native client of the original UT has the load/save function working you can copy the files
    from the Unreal disk to the corresponding directories of your UT install, then get the OldSkool Amp mod
    for a nice GUI addition for playing Unreal in UT.

  12. vadi4 Says:

    Savage 2

    “Vadi” in-game, add me!

  13. Thunor Says:

    At the moment I’ve decided to play some games through to the end, old games I’ve bought and never completed, whichever platform.

    GTA 3 WinXP: finally mastered flying the Dodo, flew around the city and visited the “Ghost Town”.

    GTA Vice City WinXP: finished it now; very addictive! I’d uninstall it but the combination of blasting around listening to Crockett’s Theme along with a few glasses of cider is ruling this out. Hey kids, don’t drink and drive FBI Cheetahs!

    Gothic WinXP: completed Gothic 2 years ago but Gothic I only played a little. Finished it now and it was beautiful. Joined the Brotherhood of the Sleeper because the Swamp Camp was cool. Can’t bring myself to uninstall it!

    Advance Wars GBA: played the game originally under Linux using VBA but bought a GBASP with a flash cart at the end of its life. Finally completed the campaign and now playing through the maps you can buy in Hachi’s shop.

    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX on GP2X (GNUBoy2x): playing through now and very enjoyable.

    Final Fantasy 1 on GP2X (gpsp): again very enjoyable but other things have put it on hold.

    Deus Ex on Linux (wine): was enjoying finally finishing this but as usual I installed other games that have momentarily distracted me.

    Quake on Linux (ezquake): finally playing through the full version but got distracted by online play even though I’m not much good and everyone else is cheating.

    NWNs and Majesty: I’m going to reinstall next and complete!

    Currently considering buying a PS2 now that it’s reached the end of it’s commercial life. Best time to buy new[ish] hardware along with cheap defining games (on eBay).

  14. trandles Says:

    Red Orchestra: Combined Arms – UT2k4 mod
    Fallout2 using wine

  15. alpha Says:

    Warcraft III: TFT (thx WINE)
    Star Wars: Jedi Academy (thx WINE)

    going to try and run in wine:
    1. Majesty
    2. Divine Divinity

  16. payans Says:

    In Linux:


    Dual booting:

    Mass Effect

  17. bofh_org Says:

    On linux:
    nethack (native) – BEST GAME EVER!
    slash’em (native)
    quake3 (native)
    majesty (native)
    Civilization III (w/ wine)
    Sid Meyer’s Alpha Centauri (native)

  18. berarma Says:

    I just play ocasionally, but lately I find myself somewhat addicted to Urban Terror. Tried ET: Quake Wars Demo but it was too hard to master.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I am playing…

    gcc (battle at the command-line: 20-hours-work per 4-hours-rest edition)

  20. jsheedy Says:

    For some reason I started playing crash bandicoot for PS on a PSP. I had never played the game, but it is not bad.

    In Linux started looking into 2ndlife, not sure what I think of it yet.

  21. hendersa Says:

    A space-age MMORPG haiku:

    Eve-Online for me
    Patchday breaks Linux horribly
    Great job, Transgaming

  22. ThoreauHD Says:

    Sacred Gold
    ET-Quake Wars
    Majesty(in a VM)

    I own all the rest of the games, but honestly it boring as all hell. Getting tired of clowns in UT/Quake/Doom outfits. It’s like I haven’t seen anything new in 15 years. Yes, I am that old.

  23. GBGames Says:

    Etrian Odyssey 2 for the DS.
    Frozen Bubble.
    I recently played ROM Check Fail and Fishie Fishie.
    I’m need to make some time to play Wizardry 8 in WINE again.

  24. dimko Says:

    ETQW and savage2

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