Lugaru Sequel Announced

September 22nd, 2008 by Crusader

Wolfire Games has announced that a sequel to Lugaru, a third-person action game, is under development:

Overgrowth is a 3d action-adventure game for Mac, Windows, and Linux, coming soon from the independent game studio, Wolfire Games.

In the meantime, please check out screenshots, preorder Overgrowth, and keep track of our progress on the Wolfire blog and forums!

2 Responses to “Lugaru Sequel Announced”

  1. vadi4 Says:

    Impressive site. The timelapse video they posted: looks quite nice too.

    I’d pre-order, but their system doesn’t yet work!

  2. kgroombr Says:

    Lugaru is a fantastic game. Almost like a first person shooter, but have to use strategy depending on the environment, terrain, weapons, and your opponent on what to do to take him out. I like to use a dead body and jump kick it into the other guy, hard to get a direct hit, but if successful, takes them out every time. I haven’t played it in a while, think I will fire it back up again.

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