Sandbox 2.2.3

September 22nd, 2008 by Crusader

Platinum Arts sent in the following update concerning Sandbox, their educational game design tool:

The 2.2.3 release is intended to be a testing release before our next full installment. The release can be downloaded here:

It offers many exciting features and it is heavily updated from the 2.2 release :D Bugs and issues might appear, please report them to us! Check it out and let us know what you think! Here are the key features:

  • MovieCube added thanks to Offtools. Now users can create movies aka
    Machinima in Sandbox! Check out for videos!
  • Three new maps, Mansion, SaveThePrincess2 and Island. Improvements to
    existing maps including a new quest on Village!
  • The ability to choose several new skins for the player models
  • Several new models including a millblade, swords, and other objects
  • Several new textures!
  • Edit Mode enhancements, now displays far more useful information
  • Kartmode working again
  • NOTE: The /newent monster command has been changed to /newent creature
  • New 5th entity attribute that can modify all sorts of cool stuff such as particle size, fade time and trigger range
  • German Translation – WE NEED TRANSLATORS!! Please see here for more information:
  • Many bugfixes including an important one in the SandboxLauncher
  • Many more features!

Be sure to check out our beginner tutorial if you need help :D If you need/want to come chat with us please make sure to check out http://Kids.PlatinumArts.Net/Contact-Us I hope you enjoy Sandbox and take care!

Sandbox Beta 2.2

Download: [ ]

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