OpenGL code under new licence and Mesa 7.2

September 22nd, 2008 by Lightkey

SGI has changed their Free Software License B in version 2.0 to resemble the MIT/X11 licence, as the previous version did not meet the requirements of an open source licence. SGI has released the GLX API and implementation on September 19 with this new licence as well that used the GLX Public License previously which was not approved as an open source licence by the FSF or OSI either.
If nothing else, this closes a five year old bug report in Debian.

From the Press Release:

Previous SGI contributions to the free and open source community are now available under the new license. These contributions include the SGI® OpenGL® Sample Implementation, the GLX™ API and other GLX extensions. GLX provides the glue connecting OpenGL and the X Window System™ and is required by any OpenGL implementation using X. GLX is vital to a range of free and commercial software, including all major Linux distributions.

SGI first released the software under a licensing model in 1999. But now SGI is pleased to release an updated version of the license that meets the free and open source software community’s widely accepted definition of “free.”

A day later, the stable version 7.2 of the free OpenGL implementation Mesa has been released with the licence change in the SGI header files. Other changes since version 7.0 are:

  • The dependencies with the X server have been reduced.
  • GLSL and the G41 chipset are now supported in the i965 driver.
  • The ATI R500 series is now supported with the r300 driver
  • GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is now available for Xlib.
  • Lotsa other improvements and bug fixes.

The DRI2 prototype from development version 7.1 has been removed and the GEM memory manager is only available in the git master branch.

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