Glimmer of Unreal Tournament 3

September 18th, 2008 by Crusader

After a lengthy hiatus, Ryan “icculus” Gordon updated his .plan with a screenshot of Unreal Tournament 3, Epic Games’ latest multiplayer-oriented first-person shooter, running in Linux:

Seriously, there’s no conspiracy.

…so stop sending me email suggesting that Microsoft is paying to block this.

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  1. Nemoder Says:

    Hey wait a minute.. that’s Seinfeld in that 2nd pic! it IS a conspiracy!! I knew it!!!

  2. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    When will the demo be ported?

  3. daturan Says:

    Ryan, please don’t remove any of the controversy out of the game,,, it totally diminishes the “fun factor”.

  4. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    Someone needs to make an intro with Tux beating down the nVidia/ATi logo, unless they stopped that.

  5. paines Says:

    icculus like always the best :-)

    is he working now fulltime for epic, or “just” doing porting ?


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously, there’s no conspiracy.

    …so stop sending me email suggesting that Microsoft is paying to block this.”

    So Microsoft is now paying you to deny they are paying you to block this? So, are they paying you to prevent an SVGAlib port as well? I only play for the story, you insensitive clod!

    So, what keeps anyone from adapting a renderer similar to Quake2’s SVGA or X11 render (later, pathed through SDL’s SVGA and SDL’s X11)? It would be nice to see even Doom3 in SVGA. You all should get ready for all those ray-tracing accelerators that will hit the market soon. It would be nice though (get a clue) to own someone at Tremulous on a little Pentium 150/128MB-EDO with a crusty S3ViRGE. Or how about a ttyDoom3?

    Bob Zimbinski compelleth thee!

  7. linux23dragon Says:


    I wonder if we will see it running with OpenGL 3.0?

  8. dorpsgek Says:

    Lol, did they really mail him about that Microsoft is paying to block this.

    hehehehe, it is a lovely day.

  9. slaapliedje Says:

    It’s got to be a Conspiracy, the screenshot is still using the default Ubuntu Brown! :D Actually some like the Brown, where I just love Debian Sid’s new wallpaper.

    I really am looking forward to UT3. I’m holding out until the Linux version is released. Will it support the Physx goodness?

  10. rafaMEX Says:

    what we can do is kidnap his Dance Dance Revolution mat and make him talk.

  11. ThoreauHD Says:

    Is Microsoft still around?

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