Celetania Release Date, Grogg Modules

September 9th, 2008 by rototor

Vulcando Games sent in a new update regarding their upcoming massive multiplayer game Celetania:

The website of Celetania now contains the ship modules of the Grogg. The variety of modules will allow you to develop your ships to a more advanced state.

There are active ship upgrades such as the shields and the EMP module, which is able to paralyze enemy ships. The colonization module is essential to expand your empire and the invasion modules allow you to take over the planets of your enemies. Many more modules await your visit behind this link.

Vulcando Games has also announced the precise release date and the start of the beta phase: The game will be going live at February 13th 2009 and the beta phase will be starting over a month before.

It is already possible to sign up for the beta phase on the Celetania homepage!

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  1. M1AU Says:

    This game looks quite interesting.

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