Foreign Adventures

September 8th, 2008 by Lightkey

The newly supported game Dráscula: El Vampiro (Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back) in ScummVM 0.12.0, developed in spain by Alcachofa Soft 1996, has been released two days ago as freeware under an open source licence. Alcachofa Soft lent the source code to ease the inclusion in ScummVM and allowed the release as freeware, as Revolution Software and Interactive Binary Illusions have done before and will be followed by others.
There are three packages to download from the ScummVM downloads page, which are the game with English voices, the game music and other languages, including voices in Spanish and text in French, German and Italian. The English and Italian text has been cleaned of translation errors and the audio is compressed with Vorbis, they are still in search for someone to host the FLAC version.

Drascula castle

Then there is a recently released German adventure game called Edna bricht aus (Edna & Harvey: The Breakout), which has gotten surprisingly good reviews, considering most of it was done by one person as a university project, before he co-founded Daedalic Entertainment. It is written completely in Java but only has an installer for Windows, so someone called ‘d0k’ wrote an installer in Java as well. The game is available in stores for €25 in German-speaking countries “with additional territories to follow”, hopefully.

Edna cover

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