Rise of the Source Ports

September 6th, 2008 by Lightkey

James ‘Quasar’ Haley reports that James Monroe from Raven Software has surprisingly released the engine source code to both Heretic and Hexen two days ago, this time as GPL with the approval of copyright holder Activision.

It took many years of nag^Wconvincing to get the engines relicenced. They had been released with a non-profit EULA almost ten years ago. As both are based on the Doom engine, they can now be integrated in all the GPL Doom source ports.

There has also been a new version of Wolf4SDL with the following changes:

  • Demos are fully working now (at least for the 1.4 Activision and Spear of Destiny versions).
  • Removed last busy waiting (which led to very unstable framerates on BSDs).
  • Fizzle fade now works for resolutions up to 8191×4095 (that should be enough for years to come).

And finally,’s Rise of the Triad for Linux (with the appropriate abbreviation RotTfL) has reached version 1.1 after five years, with support for higher resolutions (taken from WinRott) and more CPU architectures (taken from Debian package), oh my!

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