jClassicRPG Combat Snapshot

August 18th, 2008 by timong

The jClassicRPG team has released its new pre-alpha snapshot for the public (thanks timong!):

It contains a lot new things waiting to be tested and reviewed. It has a working combat, character leveling and new smooth terrain visualization.

Detailed changelist:

  • Turn based playable Combat phase added
  • New animated models (boarmen thug and mage by Zphr)
  • New house and town models (by Zphr)
  • New static monster model (kobold by Surt)
  • Total redesign of jungle plants, new plants for continental,
  • New Encounter Ground system that separates the encounter scene
  • Inventory enhanced (equip,attach,give,drop)
  • New Loot Window after combat
  • Character leveling
  • New ground tile generation system with smoothed ground
  • New 2D elements, some refactored UI images
  • Optional support for secondary ground textures
  • Optional texture splatted ground tile blends
  • New spells, skills, items, artifacts, objects
  • Bard instrument concept available with one implemented item
  • Particle system with lights for spells added
  • Support for continuously playing sound sources like waters, forest ambient
  • New environment & humanoid sounds added
  • New Body Part system that enables critical impacts
  • Optimizations: tree trunk batching, cutting of non-visible interior parts, more locking
  • Bug fixes
  • Far view mode is disabled till fixing it for the new ground system

Download: [ ]

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