TuxGames/LGP Downtime

August 11th, 2008 by Crusader

The TuxGames and Linux Game Publishing websites have posted an update about the downtime they’re currently experiencing:

Currently we are experiencing an extended outage caused by the complete failure of British Telecom. This failure is ongoing and we have had so many conflicting reports of what to expect that we can no longer be sure when our service will be back. We are hosting this message on a server that is capable of hosting this message, but not of the entire system for running the company.

Our fault lies in lack of adequately prepared backup measures in the event of a catastrophic failure of service. We will be putting plans in place to remedy this over the coming months.

Just to stress: Our company is still in business, and we have not gone bankrupt, or any of the other rumours that have been flying around

A timeline of events is included; we’ll relay additional updates as they happen.

Edit: Tux Games and Linux Game Publishing are back online since Monday. Their local LUG is helping out until that phone company gets their act together.

4 Responses to “TuxGames/LGP Downtime”

  1. vadi4 Says:

    Where is the timeline?

  2. Crusader Says:

    Woops, forgot to link the TuxGames and LGP sites. Fixed!

  3. ThoreauHD Says:

    I was wondering what happened with the sacred beta. Never occured to me that the email list/updates dropped because of the isp. I guess I’m a dumbass. Oh well.

  4. Andre4s Says:

    welcome back TuxGames!

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