Celetania Screenshots

August 11th, 2008 by rototor

Vulcando Games sent in a new update regarding their upcoming massive multiplayer game Celetania:

You have patiently waited since February and now you shall be rewarded: The first in-game screenshots of a prerelease version of the 4X MMOG Celetania!
The screenshots deliver you a great first impression of what awaits you in Celetania. As such you will be able to see scenes from a space battle as well as a tactical overview. Additionally you will be able to take a glimpse at the construction menu of the planetary surface.
You will be able to find the above mentioned screenshots on the Celetania website.
New in-game screenshots will from now on be added regularly – next you can expect to see the research as well as the galaxy / universe overview.

In the next news Vulcando Games will be announcing the exact release date for Celetania and a date for the start of the beta phase.

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  1. vadi4 Says:

    I’m really liking those. ‘specially the shield animation.

    This so far is seeming like a really nice quality game from a small game developer, I’m impressed. Can’t wait ’till it’s out :)

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