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July 21st, 2008 by Crusader

Dell’s consumer blog has announced that the PC manufacturer is now shipping systems with the Ubuntu 8.04 Linux distribution pre-installed (thanks Gizmodo):

Hardy Heron has landed on select Dell consumer PCs! As of today consumers can purchase the XPS M1330N and Inspiron 1525N laptops and Inspiron 530N desktop with Ubuntu 8.04 pre-installed at

So is there anything special about Ubuntu 8.04 on Dell PCs beyond a higher number? You bet! Dell spent months in development and testing to deliver more peripheral support – like ATI Video Graphics, Dell Wireless, Fingerprint Readers, HDMI, Bluetooth and MP3/WMA/WMV – which coincidentally were some of the more popular suggestions on Dell’s IdeaStorm. And of course DVD playback is still there, too.

As these Dell PCs with Ubuntu 8.04 pre-installed are available in a variety of countries, including U.S., Canada, select Latin America (like Mexico and Colombia), France, Germany, Spain and the U.K., we added another feature: the ability to select language during the first boot process. Just a few more steps toward making Linux more accessible by helping to ensure it “just works” right out of the box!

The base models use Intel integrated graphics, so you’ll probably want to opt for an ATI or NVIDIA GPU if you plan on using them for gaming.

4 Responses to “Dell Ubuntu PCs”

  1. sgt_scrub Says:

    It sounds like the put a lot of work into it and did a good job. Does anyone know if the hardware vitual machine capabilities are still disabled in the bios with no way to re-enable it?

  2. jsheedy Says:

    I just ran through the config on the desktop and did not see Nvidia as an option. I did not look at the laptops. I wonder if the processor selection limited the video card selection, I will have to mess with it more later. I think I may buy one of these for Christmas.

  3. Crusader Says:

    Looks like NVIDIA is just an option on the XPS laptop for now.

  4. Trizt Says:

    Still the majority of potential Dell customers can’t buy the Ubuntu preinstalled machines, they just get a message in their native language that they can’t buy Linux machines, which is sad as there are many countries where Linux is more popular than in US.

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