FIFE 2008.1

July 18th, 2008 by Crusader

Speaking of open RPG projects, FIFE, a 2D game creation framework featuring an editor and scripting, has had a new milestone release:

We were able to replace the last parts of the problematic code today so now FIFE is officially LGPL’ed software. We’re glad that we were able to make this step after it took us so long and we think that the new license alone is worth a release. Therefore we’re proud to finally present the first FIFE release that is published under LGPL 2.1 or newer (your choice).

Engine and the editor tool made _huge_ steps forward since the last release about 5 months ago. Therefore we decided to release the current status as stable release although it offers not many new aspects on the content side and the content that is in place is very likely to change with the 2008.2 release.

The milestone itself seems to be a very important step into the right direction. You can build your own maps now with the help of the editor tool. Furthermore a basic application structure is in place that should give you an idea how can create your own FIFE-based game; this release is stable enough to start working on your game now :-)

Additional information can be found at the developer blog; there’s also documentation at the project wiki.


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