OpenMW 0.3

July 18th, 2008 by Crusader

OpenMW, which aims to create an open source (D and OGRE-based) implementation of the RPG Morrowind (the original data files are required), had a new release recently:

  • you no longer have to download Monster separately
  • made an alternative for building without DSSS (but DSSS still works)
  • renamed main program from ‘morro’ to ‘openmw’
  • made the config system more robust
  • added -oc switch for showing Ogre config window on startup
  • removed some config files, these are auto-generated when missing. Separated plugins.cfg into linux and windows versions.
  • updated Makefile and sources for increased portability (thanks to Dmitry Marakasov)
  • confirmed to work against OIS 1.0.0 (Ubuntu repository package)

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  1. cyberbillp Says:

    Isn’t “D” and “Open” a conflict?

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