Neverwinter Nights 1.69 Patch Released

July 10th, 2008 by micks

The latest (and, after six years of support, probably also the final) patch for Neverwinter Nights has been released yesterday by Bioware. The 1.69 patch brings an impressive amount of changes, bug fixes and new content, the full list of which can be viewed here. It is probably worth noting that in order to be able to play online, you and your favourite server need to have the same patch version installed.
The official 1.69 patch faq also mention the fact that this continued support was only made possible due to the success of the NWN premium modules available from Bioware’s online store:

Without the revenue generated by the premium modules, we would have stopped patch support for NWN a while ago. Due to the success of the premium modules, we were able to still release patches for a four year old game like NWN. All the new content released in the 1.69 update was content that was made for one or more of the Premium Modules and is now available to our entire NWN community.

In slightly unrelated news, Bioware’s next fantasy RPG, Dragon Age, is now subtitled “Origins” and the first trailer is about to air on Friday. Bioware has neither confirmed nor ruled out the possibility of a Linux (and/or MacOS) port yet.

Download: [ Neverwinter Nights 1.69 Patch ]

3 Responses to “Neverwinter Nights 1.69 Patch Released”

  1. Andre4s Says:

    nice update! have to get back playing this game again.

  2. ThoreauHD Says:

    Man, I haven’t loaded that in years. Bought them all, just never.. wait, nevermind. Gave them away.

  3. sc3252 Says:

    The game was a blast to play a few years ago. I never beat the game, but I remember playing it for hours and hours on end and enjoying every minute of it.

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