Celetania: The weapons of the S.E.C.C.T.S.

July 11th, 2008 by Crusader

Vulcando Games sent in a new update regarding their upcoming massive multiplayer game Celetania:

We presented you the ship chassis of S.E.C.C.T.S. two weeks ago. To add the “feared” factor to these ships, you will need the weapon systems to go with.

Information about these were released today. In the special you will be able to find videos and descriptions for the weapons: From Laser to Structural Accelerator we will be explaining all weapons in detail. The players that were wondering how the weapons of the S.E.C.C.T.S. differ from the weapons of the Grogg should definitely take a look at this page.

As an additional note, Vulcando Games has set a date for the publishing of the first in-game screenshots: The beginning of August 2008 will be the so far most anticipated date which will yield pictures directly from within the game. This means that you will get a first impression of Celetania and its innovative 24/7 game play!

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