Sandbox Beta 2.2.0

July 9th, 2008 by Crusader

Platinum Arts released a new beta of Sandbox, their educational game design tool:

  • New Maps – Save The Princess (3D Platformer with speed boost power ups!), Forest
  • New Quests – Apple Picking on Village, and rescuing the princess on Save The Princess
  • New Cloud Options – Now clouds can be added that scroll above the landscape! Height can even be adjusted. Also the Skybox can rotate making the clouds appear to move.
  • New easy to use Sandbox launcher thanks to James “ZKAT8IT” Burns, check his site!
  • New Characters can be added – Now characters and animals such as bears can be added!
  • Numerous menu changes and enhancements – Menus have been tweaked to improve ease of use and they can also be customized for color, font, etc.
  • Basic Multilingual Support – WE NEED TRANSLATORS!! Please see here for more information!
  • Available now in English, Dutch (thanks Ben ‘gamshobny’ Tilma!), and Swedish (thanks Lucas Orsvärn!).
  • Editing made even easier!! Can change flying speed by using + and – keys!
  • Many Graphical Enhancements – Many map updates, nicer looking waterfalls, rain, scrolling clouds, some redone textures, etc.
  • Numerous bug fixes and features added “under the hood”.
  • Improved Jukebox and Musicpack implementation
  • New Music and a lilypad model!

Sandbox Beta 2.2

Download: [ ]

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