July 7th, 2008 by Crusader

Planet Quake pointed out the XreaL project, which aims to develop a modern first-person shooter suite (including a Radiant editor) based on the GPL’ed Quake III: Arena codebase, with features such as hardware occlusion culling of light volumes, skeletal character animation, and variance shadow mapping. You can read more about the effort at their wiki (they’re also looking for artists); pre-alpha binaries are also available.

4 Responses to “XreaL”

  1. Says:

    the screens look awesome. can’t wait to see it in action :P

  2. drarem Says:

    They have a pre-alpha on the wiki site, both windoze and linux are compiled. I played the linux version which seems pretty good.

  3. garret Says:

    It doesn’t seem a prealpha this game. It’s very stable and playable. It remembers me OpenArena but with a beautiful graphic. I hope the project will continue.

  4. ThoreauHD Says:

    Those graphics look damn nice for the Q3 engine. Must be fast as hell too.

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