June 23rd, 2008 by Crusader

Phoronix has posted a brief look at the copy protection system Linux Game Publishing will be implementing for their next commercial Linux game ports, such as Sacred: Gold Edition.

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  1. rotund Says:

    Though I wish such things wouldn’t be needed, I can certainly see how this would become necessary. My only hope now is that I can buy a license at a reduced rate w/o the need for the CD pressing, packaging, and shipping.

  2. A08 Says:

    Bite the hand which feeds you…

    I understand they would like to stop people copying the game but what do they care more about: How many people buy the game or how many people copy the game? You may reduce the number of casual copiers but at the same time you are chasing away potential buyers – I know I will not buy the game as I run into a problem with DRM more than once and I know that I will not pay for it.

    And for the trick they used once with the broken version: It happened that I have downloaded a game, played it, liked it, bought it but DID NOT RE-INSTALL IT – there are always situations you hurt your potential buyers and in my opinion: rather spend the money you would invest in copy protection on the game itself and you likely attract more people and have a bigger sale.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Heh. This story made SLASHDOT headlines today. It’s because the same people that asserted their support to Loki are the same that are asserting their supprt to Linux Game Publishing. You are all going to get more than what you payed for, and YOU know who you are: thieves. I support this Copyright Protection, and who cares about the text in the Copyright Act saying non-commercial non-profit private use is exempt, because now we’re going to find out the real numbers of Linux buyers. I throw my chair at you!

  4. Conzar Says:

    Again, irrelevant games with irrelevant copy protection … who really cares?

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