Doom 3 Miscellany

June 23rd, 2008 by Crusader
  • id Software lead programmer John Carmack was interviewed on the Gamers With Jobs podcast last week, during which he mentioned that Doom 3, like id’s previous games, will probably be open-sourced next year. There’s also lengthy discussion about software patents, intellectual property, and the value of releasing source code in general.
  • The mod project Hexen: Edge of Chaos has posted an update and an accompanying screenshot.
  • Another mod in progress, DentonMod Revision 3, has a forum thread at Doom3world where graphical enhancements to the game are being discussed.
  • The cooperative multiplayer mod Last Man Standing can now be reached at

    As many of have probably noticed has been down recently. We are expecting that the site will be coming back online in the next week or two. In the meantime I have made a backup site at where you can access the site and forum information. The forum will remain locked because will remain our main site, but I wanted people to be able to access the information.

  • A map inspired by the film Event Horizon was released recently: Event Horizon XV.

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