Upcoming 4X MMOG Celetania To Run Natively On Linux

June 5th, 2008 by Andreas

Vulcando Games sent in the following announcement today:

After more than four years of development we at Vulcando Games are pleased to announce that our upcoming 4X MMOG title Celetania will run natively on Linux!

4X stands for explore, expand, exploit, exterminate, and has been well introduced by games like Ascendency and Master of Orion – and Celetania will take it to the MMOG Level! This will allow you to play against thousands of other players in a fully persistant world!
Perstistance means that the game will keep on running and evolving even while you’re not online! You’ll be able to place orders to your units which they’ll follow even if you quit the game before going to bed.

The estimated release date of Celetania is November 2008 – until then we at Vulcando Games will inform you every two weeks about the current state – together with publishing new videos and facts about the game.

By now, you can already explore the concrete story of Celetania here, visit the different races here, and get a overview over the ships of the trader race – the Grogg – here.

So stay tuned – we’ve got a lot up our sleeves we are eagerly awaiting to present you!


9 Responses to “Upcoming 4X MMOG Celetania To Run Natively On Linux”

  1. M1AU Says:

    Looks of course interesting.

  2. Conzar Says:

    How is this different then EVE?

  3. rototor Says:

    Conzar: Celetania shares only the space theme with EVE. In EVE you fly around in a “Wing-Commander” like manner with exactly one ship at one time. In Celetania you build up an empire, i.e. you build up a production pipeline on your planets (mines, factorys, …), build parts and finally build many different ships with this parts. After you got a fleet you can fly them to other planets and colonize those planets. You may encounter ships of other players while doing so. Maybe you can live in peace with them. If not, you better configured you ships “superior” then the other players, so that your ships survive when it comes to a fight …

  4. Nemoder Says:

    Is this going to be more RTS than RPG? If it’s something like Time of Defiance that would be pretty cool to have on Linux.

  5. rototor Says:

    Nemoder: It`s a 4X (Wikipedia) realtime MMOG. So, yes it falls into the category of RTS games. Just think of a realtime “Civilization in space” MMOG.

  6. Conzar Says:

    Ah, so this is like Sins of A Solar Empire except persistent?

  7. rototor Says:

    Conzar: Yes and no. Celetania is little bit more “complex”, because you can trade, create alliances with other players, declare wars to other alliances, create custom designed ships, and so on. A game in Sins of A Solar Empire may take an hour. A “game” in Celetania goes on for years. There will be other news posts, which will explain how Celetania works.

  8. sparr Says:

    Time of Defiance was the first decent MMORTS that I played. It ran under Cedega for a while, then stopped working. I never got it to work under Wine, and havent tried in over a year. I hope Celetania is better.

  9. Savi Says:

    great news! i love this kind of games! (alpha centauri, call to power)

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