Savage 2: A Tortured Soul 1.4.8

May 28th, 2008 by Crusader

S2 Games released the version 1.4.8 patch for Savage 2: A Tortured Soul, their mixed-genre fantasy-themed multiplayer game, last week:

  • All structures now have a minimum armor value. Attacking the structure will not cause its armor to degrade past its minimum armor setting.
  • The beast static charge spire has had its range increased to 900 to match the cannon tower
  • Spawn portals have had their duration reduced to 90 seconds, health reduced to 300, and will not die when the officer who placed it dies. This is to encourage more strategic placement of spawn portals and encourage their protection
  • Sacrifice will now cause the player to move at 85% movement speed, down from 90%
  • Imp damage reduced to 30-38 from 35-42
  • Revenant’s ranged attack damage increased to 60-65 from 50-58
  • Revenant’s quick attack damage increased slightly
  • Devourer soul cost increased to 9
  • Steambuchet’s secondary ranged attack has had its range increased to match its primary attack
  • Decreased range of tempest’s meteor slightly
  • Ranged Siege can no longer aim past map blockers, which is on most mountains
  • Conjurer health reduced from 390 to 370
  • Summoner melee attack damage increased slightly
  • Fixed an issue that was causing commander centurion armor to sometimes be out of range when zoomed out
  • Fixed an issue that was causing voice commands to stop working after disconnecting from a server
  • Fixed an issue allowing commanders to cast spells on enemy players through the fog of war
  • Fixed an issue allowing commanders to select enemy players and structures through the fog of war
  • Fixed “extended” mouse buttons, they will now work as intended when bound to an action
  • Spectators now properly spawn in the middle of a map rather than in the corner
  • There is now a 5 second delay on the ability to ping the minimap
  • Fixed various glsl shaders
  • Fixed skybox seams on gl2 renderer
  • Fixed gl2 renderer shadow settings not being properly applied without a restart
  • Morning has been re-worked. The hell shrine is now between the two bases and there is a gold mine in the north. The walls have been moved further south and stronghold/lair moved slightly north.

There’s also a second Free Content Patch in beta-testing.

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  1. Free Software Links Says:

    Briliant game well worth supporting. Need more people playing as it’s really sparse. I think around 90 players I have seen at any one time. It’s only £15. I would reccommend giving the demo a good hammering though to make sure it works on your setup. The sound is crackly on mine (Fedora 8).

    There is quite a lot of depth to this game and takes time to get the hang of it. Especially with many different units and abilities. I havn’t tried commander yet.

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