Phun 3.5

May 19th, 2008 by Crusader

The physics-oriented sandbox game Phun is now at beta 3.5 (thanks Game Tome). Recent changes:

  • Ctrl-G now groups objects together, and Ctrl-U ungroups them
  • When clicking an object in a group, the entire group is now selected (unless ALT is pressed)
  • Fixed a major circle-circle collision bug
  • Fixed so that gui windows now get on top when dragged
  • Fixed so that more scenes can be displayed under File->Load Scene as well as subdirs to Phun/Scenes
  • Optimized the GUI rendering slightly
  • Optimized entity rendering by ‘frustum’ culling
  • Added separate option controlling an objects collision with water; making things watertight should now be easy (thanks for suggestion, Chad Autry)
  • Added (three) collision groups; objects in one group will only collide with other objects in the same group
  • Added an options for showing some simple statistics for selected objects (mass, area, velocity, …)
  • F8 now shows the collision points and their counter force and direction (used to be the collision normal)
  • Added the ability to turn on and off the drawing of object borders from the options menu (even in the no-shader path)
  • Added translations (accessible under the file menu). Phun now supports (in Latin1): Català (Catalan), Deutsch (German), English, Espanol (Spanish), Francais (French), Italiano (Italian), Magyar (Hungarian), Nederlands (Dutch), Polski (Polish), Portugues (Portuguese), Romanian, Suomi (Finnish) and Svenska (Swedish).

The “game” aspect mostly consists being creative with your toolset; there’s also a tutorial for getting started.

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