FreeSCI 0.6.4

May 18th, 2008 by Lightkey

The reports of FreeSCI‘s death are greatly exaggerated it seems.

While we have not posted a news on the free Sierra’s Creative Interpreter in over two years, they have awakened from their slumber and already put out two new versions this year:

FreeSCI 0.6.3 (Glutton/unstable)

  • Pathfinding support and collision detection (Walter)
  • Savegames (Lars)
  • Automatic game search (Walter)
  • SCI/Amiga instrument support (Walter)

FreeSCI 0.6.4 adds support for an MT-32 emulator (Walter) (note that this requires MT-32 ROM files) and General MIDI for SCI1 games but both need manual source code editing to enable them.
More importantly, this version replaces the 0.3 line as the new stable branch. For this, many SCI0 bugs have been fixed and the support of games using SCI0 should be up to par with 0.3.5 now while extending the support to SCI1.
Testing games for bugs takes time — a lot of time, so only a few have been tested by the developers. If you have the time, please (ab)use the Bugzilla bug tracker to report any boogs you find.

FreeSCI is probably the only reverse engineering game engine project that cares about the so called clean-room implementation and thus they have pulled all previous releases because the SetJump routine included code of unknown origin and Max ‘Fingolfin’ Horn from the ScummVM team wrote a replacement.

Speaking of ScummVM, while FreeSCI has not been selected for this year’s Google Summer of Code; a pet project of one FreeSCI/ScummVM developer has been picked up as a task by a student for ScummVM, which is to include FreeSCI as a plugin to ScummVM (or a hostile take-over, as the FreeSCI developers say). So CABAL could actually come to reality after Sarien has already been integrated into ScummVM even though the collaboration ended rather quickly at first. The progress can be followed on its own weblog.

The FreeSCI project is still hosted here on LinuxGames but they had their own domain for a while. Let us hope it will last longer than the one before.

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