Nexuiz 2.4.2

May 12th, 2008 by Crusader

Version 2.4.2 of Nexuiz, an open-source first-person shooter based on the DarkPlaces engine, has been released. The requisite list of what’s new:

  • New gamemode Onslaught new available in the menu.
  • Added map for the onslaught gamemode (ons-reborn).
  • Completely new announcer sounds/voices.
  • Fixed several problems with lagging gameplay/crashes/wrong display of effects.
  • The teammessage binds are available in the menu (if you do not see them delete or rename your config.cfg).
  • New server tools for rcon and an irc gateway, updated server documentation.
  • New crylink primary attack and tweaked some other weapons.
  • Implemented uint16 element array support, this hopefully improves performance on Radeon 9500-X300 cards and GeForce1/2 cards.


Edit: has posted a review:

Nexuiz is now my favorite free software game, at least in the realm of first-person shooters. Credit the eye candy or perhaps the speed of play — or both. The Nexuiz 2.4 UI is fast, easy to use, and attractive, and it doesn’t get in the way of the fragging.

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