ETQW 1.5 Changelog

May 8th, 2008 by Crusader

Splash Damage has posted the changelog for the upcoming version 1.5 patch for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars:

  • User interface improvements – “new customization options for turret lock-on warnings… mine trigger warnings can similarly be toggled on or off”
  • New customization CVARs – “it’s now possible to set mouse sensitivity on a per-vehicle basis… new cvars for quickly switching spawn points”
  • Ranks and statistics – “in-game scoreboard once again correctly displays player ranks”
  • Bot improvements – “bots now understand the battlefield even better than before and will act more like a human player would”

There’s also a blurb about the work involved to get it out the door:

We’ve completed internal testing of the update and we’re now coordinating with all the other companies that are part of the actual release process. This is actually a tad more complicated than it sounds since we’ve got quite a few moving parts there. 1.5 has to be coordinated with id Software (Windows and Linux), Activision, Aspyr (Mac version), Valve Software (Steam version), DemonWare (online accounts), and all the game server providers to make sure they update their servers in time for release. But fear not, we’re currently coordinating with all of the involved parties to figure out the best release timing for the update. As soon as we’ve nailed down a date, we’ll announce it here in the blog.

3 Responses to “ETQW 1.5 Changelog”

  1. daturan Says:

    IMHO the bots are a blast to play agents,, so now they’re even better? that’s fantastic!

  2. asemblR Says:

    I played on bot cause there are not any servers running 1.5

  3. A08 Says:

    …actually it is not that no servers are running 1.5 – there are servers running 1.5 beta but there are no players on them…
    …everybody was screaming for 1.5 and everybody complained about 1.4 but nobody was willing to test 1.5(!!). On my system BTW 1.5 segfaults but since noone was playing 1.5 anyway I didn’t bother to continue testing.

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