New LGP game to be Sacred

May 6th, 2008 by Lightkey

Linux Game Publishing‘s image competition has ended and the correct answer was Sacred: Gold, which includes Sacred, the add-on Sacred: Underworld, a world map, and the soundtrack on CD.

Sacred: Gold box cover

Sacred is a CRPG by German developer Studio II of Ascaron and has been widely regarded as an updated Diablo II. The estimated release has been set for August 2008 as the port has been worked on for some time already, although personally I am sceptical that they can meet that ETA.
The system requirements are fairly low, with a 1 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM and a 32 MB 3D card.

Sacred: Gold can be pre-ordered at Tux Games (English), Novatux (French) or ixsoft (German).

13 Responses to “New LGP game to be Sacred”

  1. nightz Says:

    I have this game for M$, will it run on linux as well? Thanks!

  2. Lightkey Says:

    Of course, it will cost you only 50 $! Seriously, trolls these days…

  3. zakk Says:

    By which he means $50 USD :)

  4. A08 Says:

    …I am from Germany, guessed right, guessed yesterday and gave an explanation about my guess, but haven’t received a notification – looks like I have to hunt down and kill someone in my home country ;)

  5. Andre4s Says:

    The Sacred: Gold URL is to the Sacred2 homepage. Not the game that is portet. A bit missleading. However the game seems to be quite well known. I know it ‘by box’ ;) … but I’m not that much of a gamer.

  6. Lightkey Says:

    The Sacred: Gold URL is to the official Sacred page, which happens to be included on the Sacred 2 site.

  7. Thunor Says:

    Well done LGP; that’s a very worthy port.

  8. Andre4s Says:

    Thought this was the official site
    But I don’t know.

  9. Andre4s Says:

    Totaly agree Thunor! This is not a bad port at all.

  10. Ferocious Says:

    I’m interested to Sacred for Linux. Please, sell it on the Web with Green House.

  11. Lightkey Says:

    You get redirected to different websites, depending on the chosen language. The URL I used will redirect me to the German version of but if I go directly to, I get redirected to The only way to directly link to the Sacred website would be like you did, to a particular section of the website.

    Edit: If this was my website, I would only link to Wikipedia articles, exactly because of stuff like this. :-P

  12. Andre4s Says:

    Compared to Neverwinter nights. How good is it?

  13. Lightkey Says:

    They both got almost the same ratings in the 3-4 biggest German PC gaming magazines (~85 %) but as usual, internationally, the ratings are 91 % for NWN and 73 % for Sacred (on Metacritics).
    I would not compare them though, Sacred is to NWN like Ultima VIII to Ultima VII, one is Hack’n’Slash, the other CRPG.

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