Postal III for Linux Confirmed

May 5th, 2008 by Lightkey

Vince Desiderio from Running With Scissors has mentioned in one of his infamous interviews that Linux is among the supported platforms for Postal III, which is currently in development by RWS and Akella and estimated for a release in 2009.

It would be nice to have the series followed through on Linux but how they plan to support Linux when the game is based on Valve‘s Source engine is up in the air.
RWS has previously stated they will try to support Linux again this time but we have not reported on any definite word until now it seems, so it may not be new to everyone, sowwy. Thanks to Slacker for the heads up.

7 Responses to “Postal III for Linux Confirmed”

  1. kgroombr Says:


    The postal series gets a lot of heat for being a crappy game, but the series is one of my all time favorites. It is so politically uncorrect and just plain silly that I love it.

    This will be another definite buy for me.

  2. Andre4s Says:

    Wine then? … swapping engine sound like a very big undertaking for the possible sales of a linux client.

  3. sho Says:

    Valve posted a job offer for a Senior Software Developer the other day that entails “Porting games from Windows to Linux”. Maybe there’s a relation?

  4. daturan Says:

    yea, my guess is it’s going to be like eve, and just run with wine.. I’d love to be wrong since wine never seems to cut it for me.

  5. sho Says:

    There’s a new clue … Ryan Gordon (icculus) has posted a photo of a cake and a Weighted Companion Cube in his .plan. Native port after all?

  6. daturan Says:

    yea but if you look in the background you’ll still see windows,, of course they’re shaded.

  7. mondeoscotch Says:

    Valve is going to port source engine to linux!

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