LGP reveals new MMO Puzzle Game

May 2nd, 2008 by Lightkey

Linux Game Publishing asserts that they have learned their lesson with the last Image Competition that got cracked rather fast by comparing images over time.
In the new Image Competition, the goal is again to guess the name of an yet unannounced title from LGP (while the picture shown changes every minute with about 60 correct pixels more each time, revealing a screenshot of the game in question) and win the first copy when it has been released if you send back the right answer before anyone else.

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  1. duglambier Says:

    Hum, I don’t think LGP should start porting another game as X3 and Bandits are not yet released. Also Disciples 2 seems to be cancelled :/

  2. msimms Says:

    X3 is almost done, and Bandits is just having one niggling bug we cannot track down. Disciples, well, disciples is going to happen its just a case of when, as people keep on quitting after looking at the code…

    The new game was ported by a different team from the others, and is pretty much ready for beta. There is a realistic limit to team size when it comes to porting, and we had developers who weren’t doing much just looking for code to port {:-)

  3. nod51 Says:

    oh oh I know it’s Duke Nukem Forever!

  4. gbudny Says:

    There are some chances on Postal 3 for Linux?

  5. Andre4s Says:

    Neverwinter nights 2?

  6. nod51 Says:

    Oh I really hope it is not NWN2, from what I hear they added flash (Graphics) and removed content. I still play NWN on a weekly basis as my friends are adding in things like new shifter abilities, assign ‘spells’, and other to the DND 3.5 spec. I do hope the game they are porting is multi player though, maybe Supreme Commander. So far the screen shot is looking like a space game though, but I was not able to find a PC Star Trek game release recently.

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